We are AWBIS®  and ASFI®

A Humanitarian Organization nonprofit that seeks to unite the people and Oriental Medicine Professionals, and those wishing to help in different areas. The Gratuity Membership Register which allows anyone who wants to help.

We Help

A Preservation of the health of all people with Acupuncture and Therapeutic treatments of high quality, by helping in all circumstan-ces, where it is necessary, with Professionals Volunteers and Auxiliary excellently trained.

We attend

With Acupuncture and other therapies in different parts of the world where health care is required. In Natural Disasters Caused or. We use the protocols we have for emergencies, and in the free community attention.

About Us

People, Professionals and non Professionals, united in a common goal: To help in various circumstances: simple diseases and emergencies.

You Joining AWBIS® & ASFI® is Free for life in contrast to other NGOs. You’ll find a homogeneous group of people with great knowledge, up with ideas and ideals.

We signed cooperation agreements that benefit everyone. Institutions, Centres, Schools and Universities around the world, creating community improvements.

We have conducted campaigns Humanitarian Aid, for 60 years through TCM and Complementary Therapies worldwide. We are AWBIS® & ASFI®

Welcome to AWBIS® and ASFI®  International 

Hands and capabilities of Volunteers, like you, is that “They make continue to help this organization” and are ultimately those who make this world a little better. 

United by friendship, fellowship and fraternity, we all peoples of the world the same message:

“The point is… to Help”

Do not think you can be part of something really big and important for the rest of your life?

We wait, we need many more hands to continue to provide help and assistance.

Do not forget you are AWBIS® and ASFI®.  To learn more you should enter the web of your country to be able to see our activities. 

You can join the list of countries ASFI® – AWBIS® from here